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The Landlords Rentals Cover

The Landlords – Rentals Album Mix

Back in 2013 After 8 years of absence we decided to try and make some tracks again, this album mix is the result of this. We ended up making a mixed tribute album to the oldschool house tracks from the early 90’s, we borrowed a lot of samples/melodies and even made 2 complete remakes. Hence the album name ‘Rentals’.


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The Landlords Static Discharge Cover

The Landlords – Static Discharge


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The Landlords Infuser Cover

The Landlords – Infuser


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The Landlords Advance Cover

The Landlords – Advance


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The Landlords House Party Cover

The Landlords – House Party The Ultimate Remix

Probably our biggest project back in 2003, this baby took us 3 months of painstaking hard work. Recording tracks from vinyl and cd’s and making samples to work with, it took us every bit of free time we had and the result is 107 tracks in 74 minutes.Classic house the way it should be. Shout out to TCM (Thimbles, Cowboy & Mr.Ladies) and Arcade. Thanks for the great mixes back in the good old days.


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